Our vision is the viable development of the village. We truly believe in it, so we will make it happen!



KaloskopiRestart.org is a group of young people who share the same vision and goal, the revival of Kaloskopi, a mountain village in the Regional Unit of Phocis. We have recently undertaken a series of actions and organized ventures with an eye to creating the bases for the sustainable development of the village, the return of its people for permanent residence and the promotion of Kaloskopi as a tourist destination.

The beginning

It all started in the summer of 2019, when four friends decided to completely renovate the nearly abandoned basketball court of the village.

This action was completed in five weekends and the wonderful moments we shared and experienced during those days, motivated us to maintain the dynamics we had developed as a team and to think that it can be exploited in the future actions for the benefit of the village.

The next step

Right after the beginning, there were many meetings and discussions during which we exchanged views and ideas on how to organize and schedule further actions.

These activities have gradually been implemented and culminated in the summer of 2020, when we undertook the renovation of our village square, the organization of the Road Running Race and the realization of multiple artistic activities and games for the young children of Kaloskopi. The restart we have dreamt of has been on its way ever since! 

Our aim

Our aim is the participation and support of more and more people with whom we share the love and common vision of the sustainable development of the village.

It is by no means our intention to replace the existing institutions, but we intend to cooperate with them and exploit our own scope and our business or other experience, with an eye to offering the maximum of our potentials and the best version of ourselves in everything we do for this place.

Discover Kaloskopi

Our beautiful village is located in the Prefecture of Fokida, at an altitude of 1100m on the mountain range of Giona. Administratively, it belongs to the Municipality of Delphi and the Municipal Unit of Gravia. It got its name from the “good view” it has, facing from high above the wide surrounding horizon.

The original name of Kaloskopi was “Koukouvista”, a name which is of Slavic origin and means “Cuckoo’s Nest”. In 1927 there was a law for the change of the Slavic local names, so the name of “Koukouvista” was changed into Kaloskopi, a name that was suggested by the teacher Giannis Laios. The name Kaloskopi is related to the “good view” of the village and it is because of this view that the place is often referred to as “the Balcony of Giona”.


Just 2 hours and 15 minutes from Athens, the village is located in the middle of a dense fir forest, while on the south side it seems that the forest of the hill of Lyritsa with the plane trees, walnuts, oaks, cherries and apple trees, completes the green landscape. Nestled at the foot of Giona, the village is surrounded by Mount Kallidromo in the east, Mount Vardoussia in the west, Mount Oiti in the north and Mount Parnassos in the south.


Visitors have the opportunity to try a variety of activities, such as hiking on countless trails, mountaineering, climbing, trail running, mountain biking as well as 4×4 routes. In winter, one can enjoy mountain skiing and snowmobile rides on the beautiful routes of Giona and Oiti, as well as skiing at the Parnassos Ski Center, which is only 45 minutes away. Kaloskopi has a wonderful basketball court, a table-tennis table in the central square and soon there will be a 5×5 football field with natural grass and a thematic path by the river!


Our actions so far

Here are the most important actions we have completed so far. You can also watch videos related to most of them to get a more complete picture.


The first action of the members of our team took place at the central square of the village a few years ago, where we organized a photography and painting exhibition. We took care of the supply of the necessary stands and lighting and we arranged for music and free soft drinks and drinks for the visitors of the exhibition. Even people from nearby villages embraced this exhibition and attendance far exceeded our expectations. Our whole action was supported by Coca Cola 3E and it was a unique experience for all of us!


The first path that attracted the interest of our team in collaboration with the team of Katafygio-Oiti, was the one that leads from Vryzes to Kefalovrysso. This amazing route has been fully opened and signs have been placed accordingly. The trail can be used by cyclists and it is one of the most interesting routes in our area! Dozens of people walk the route regularly, so it is always preserved in perfect condition.


The renovation included the general cleaning of the stadium and the surrounding area, the painting of the football goal posts and the basketball stands, the replacement of their nets, the design of the graphics, the painting of the walls and the playing field with special colors, the installation of professional hoops, the renewal of the backboards and the placement of: colorful banners offered by the company Photolab Athens, a trash can, information signs, as well as another basket at a lower height for the young athletes. Finally, we have proceeded with the necessary actions and consultations with the Municipality for the proper lighting of the stadium, which is expected to be completed in the near future



This initiative has been embraced by dozens of fellow villagers, the local authorities and the Cultural Association “Agia Triada”. They have all participated and the outcome was unique. We have created a corner for an Open-Air Summer cinema, we have built a table-tennis table and a monastery bench for our younger friends and we have planted many flowers and have beautified every corner of the square and of the monument across the street. We have repaired and painted the benches, as well as the facade of the church with materials sponsored by the Vitex company and we have taken care of the total lighting of the area, placing lighting garlands on the trees and spots around the church and the building that houses the Folklore Museum and the Guest House.



The number of the children who spent the summer of 2020 in our village was so large that it was with great pleasure that we proceeded with the organization of art workshops every other day in collaboration with the Cultural Association “Agia Triada”. We got to know each other better, we played, we laughed, and the children painted letting their imagination run wild and they even made their own doll. We played a lost-treasure hunt, for which the children made their own costumes, we rode our bicycles and we discovered every corner of the village by playing team games. Summer nights were different this year, as we had the opportunity to enjoy a summer movie on an almost daily basis as soon as the moon came out! We look forward to seeing everyone in the summer of 2021 with even more activities!



One of the longest lasting traditions, the road-running race, was organized by our team this year in collaboration with the Cultural Association “Agia Triada” and it has been completely renewed by restoring its original route from Kefalovrysso to Kakotrachi and by adding new age categories with various corresponding starting points. Photolab Athens company offered the printed informative banners, as well as the participation numbers of the athletes. There has been event coverage of the whole race and the awarding of the prizes to the winners, which was performed by the actor, triathlete and fellow villager Panos Vlachos. Garmin company has sponsored the event and offered the T-shirts of the volunteers, as well as 6 wonderful smartwatches for the winners. The participation has far exceeded our expectations and this is our stepping stone for the organization of an even better road running race in the summer of 2021!


Current action

We thank those who support us

In this journey of ours, we were pleased to find out that there are companies that believe in and actively support our vision, ideas and actions. It may have seemed impossible to some at first, but our team had always believed that we could do it. We tend to set high goals and approach those companies that will help us implement our actions exactly as we have planned them.

Future actions

Our team collects ideas, analyzes them and tries to promote in any way possible the implementation of future actions that are evaluated as necessary for the sustainable development of the village.


In our opinion, the community store constitutes the heart of the village. Without an aesthetically and functionally perfect central restaurant, there can hardly be any kind of sustainable development. To this end, we suggest the creation of an aesthetically and architecturally fine place, with high quality services and facilities. Exploiting our advantageous location on the axis of Katafygio Vryzes – Pavliani, we can benefit by providing high quality services, which will be appreciated by any visitor and will thus lead to the recurring choice of Kaloskopi as the ideal destination for a future excursion!

Our main idea is to create a wonderful place to eat and have coffee over the winter months (when the cafe of our guest house in the square will not be open) and a place to enjoy meals and snacks in the summer. This place will also host a vintage grocery store with products that are indispensable to the visitors that spend a weekend at Kaloskopi. Thus, the locals, as well as the visitors during the weekends will have easy and convenient access to the basic products for their house, such as dairy products, bread, cold cuts etc. mainly during the winter days, when the existing grocery store in our village is closed. In parallel with the grocery store, we suggest that the roof of the building should be designed in a way that will allow the accommodation of a place for fast food (such as crepes, hot dogs, etc.), with pergolas, lighting garlands and a magical atmosphere. Therefore, we will have a place that offers multiple options (coffee in the square, food in the main store and fast food on the terrace).

These times are not easy for anyone, so we are currently working on a multi-stakeholder plan for people who want to invest a small amount in this versatile store. If the right business plan is properly designed and organized and there is a convergence of views, then this project can move forward, be funded by European programs and succeed. Contact us for more information about this project.


The second important issue is the ability to accommodate guests and visitors. For the time being, there is only one community guest house in the area and that is why we encourage people who are thinking of investing to proceed with the creation of autonomous accommodation or the concession of places that are not regularly inhabited for rent through an electronic platform (such as AirBNB). Increasing the hosting capacity is considered to be necessary in order to be able to organize activities that will potentially attract many visitors. The combination of the main community store and its branches will constitute the beginning of the sustainable development of the village.


A summer bar has long been sought in our area and has been a timeless demand of the young people. We have been working on a plan to create a place outside the village, which will operate for a month in the summer and will be the meeting point of not only the youth, but also anyone who appreciates this kind of entertainment. There is a number of actions that can be hosted around this area, such as live music performances and concerts, parties, the village youth party that is yearly organized to support the actions of the Cultural Association “Agia Triada”, as well as many other activities. We encourage the cooperation of people for the creation of a place like that, which does not require large amounts of money and can also be funded by European programs.


One of our innovative ideas has to do with the creation of a multifunctional space for all the young and adult residents, as well as all the visitors of the village. This multifunctional space will be aesthetically perfect and its design will be undertaken by interior architects, in collaboration with educators and technology experts. It will be equipped with computers, a library, spaces for painting and artistic activities, it will provide educational and robotics games and it will be able to host seminars, presentations and many more events.

The name of this place will be “K-Tech Lab” and we aspire that it will be one more place of which we will be proud, as we already are of our Folklore Museum! We have already made an initial contact with companies that can take care of the equipment of the place with the appropriate furniture, the decorative elements, etc. and we have contacted companies that are willing to undertake the setting up of the technology lab!!! Finally, we are in touch with the Local Community in order to find the most suitable location for this project and we hope that there will soon be positive developments!


One of our most basic aspirations is the modernization of the Community Clinic through telemedicine programs and involvement of an organization that may be interested in supporting the project. Also, the inclusion of a pharmacy that will provide basic items that are necessary for the permanent residents will allow breaths of relief and comfort to those who choose to spend more time in our village!


One idea that we have been working on is the creation of a 5×5 football field with natural turf, on a plot that can be offered by a fellow villager for this purpose. Once the surface is reformed to be even, we will only have to install an automatic watering system, two goal posts and a beautiful, plain, wooden fence. This is a low-level intervention that will not require any special permission from the Department of Town Planning and Housing. What is more, should the concessionaire-owner need the plot in the future, the goal posts and the wooden fence will be immediately and easily removed.


One of our main goals is to highlight and promote the neighborhoods of the village, through the reformation of the paths and routes that connect these neighborhoods with the village square. Paving and lighting will be our main interventions. Our aim is to find financial support through sponsorships or donations from large companies that are interested in promoting their Corporate Social Responsibility concept. Through this intervention we aspire to beautify all the neighborhoods of the village and, at the same time, allow the visitor to get to know every corner of it, take photos and enjoy walking along every alley.


One of our main pursuits is the development of activities that can take place in the village and within its natural environment. Mountain biking, running, trail running, mountaineering, hiking, 4×4 routes, thematic and group activities, such as yoga sessions, can all be developed, provided that we organize the appropriate infrastructure and facilities for each one of them.


Another idea that we are currently working on is the possibility to acquire a mini bus that will provide services every Friday and Sunday from Athens to Kaloskopi and vice versa, provided that seat reservations will reach a predetermined amount every time. The mini bus can be obtained in many ways and, in any case, the price of the ticket will be much more advantageous than travelling by one’s own vehicle. This way, we could ensure economical and pleasant transportation, especially for people who cannot visit the village regularly for various reasons, although they really desire to!


Join us

Kaloskopirestart.org is an organization open to anyone who wants to offer and help in any way throughout the actions, and wants to support this vision and, consequently, the place we love so much! Here are some suggestions on how you can help.